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Yes, Diets Do Work (Very Well, Actually)

Craig Leonard February 4, 2016
Diets Dont Work

Whether using it to mean anything and everything we ingest or a set of guidelines being applied to what we eat, temporarily or otherwise, a person’s diet should never be described as something that doesn’t work.

I’m not sure if it’s a clever marketing ploy, but I shake my head every time I hear someone utter the phrase “diets don’t work”.

If diets don’t work, how do you explain this, or this, or this, or this?

Of course diets work. To say otherwise is illogical; It’s complete nonsense.

In fact, diets work very well and possess an enormous magnitude of power to impact our health and physical appearance – for good and for bad. Whether someone gains or loses 30 pounds of fat, it can always be traced back to their diet.

This is why a majority of the articles I post on this site pertain to nutrition and motivation. I’ve consistently been reminded of the immense capacity for personal transformation the combination of these two elements maintain.

So, when I hear anyone dogmatically proclaim something as logic-defying as diets don’t work, it doesn’t sit well with me. This is especially the case when it comes from a health or fitness professional.

Diets are essential. It’s incredulous for anyone to claim otherwise.

It would be unfair of me not to recognize that many times those railing against diets are doing so in order to make the point that permanent lifestyle changes are superior to diets, which are generally only temporary in nature.

While I concede the point to be true, it doesn’t necessarily follow that diets lack value.

Without my decision to “go on a diet” back in 2007 you wouldn’t be reading this today.

It was a diet that forced me to finally pay attention to what I was eating. It was a diet that taught me portion control. It was a diet that made me learn to deal with my hunger instead of pouring a heaping bowl of Frosted Flakes at the slightest hint of an appetite.

It was a diet that showed me the transformative power of disciplined eating. It was a diet that enabled me to lose 60 pounds of body fat and build a ripped physique. It was a diet that gave me an appreciation for macronutrients and micronutrients.

It was a diet that drilled the ever-important truth into my psyche that the quality of my health and appearance had little to do with my genetics and everything to do with my decisions regarding how I was feeding and moving my body.

It was a diet that finally made me come to terms with the fact that supplements aren’t able to compensate for poor eating habits.

It was ultimately a diet that changed my life and charged me with the passion to share what I had learned and experienced with others.

Diets work. Not only do they work. They’re indispensable to looking and feeling our best.

Sure, they’re often temporary. So what?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with exercising a level of moderate (or extreme) nutritional discipline for a few weeks or months to achieve a desired result.

Many err by viewing their inability to convert such discipline into a consistent lifestyle as a failure. The truth is that it’s only a failure if you take nothing from it.

Nevertheless, the fact remains that the most effective means of impacting your health and the composition of your body is through nutrition.

Building muscle mass requires the right diet. Diets are the cornerstone of fat loss goals. Getting ripped isn’t possible without the right approach to nutrition. It’s also impossible to become obese without a diet consisting of excessive caloric consumption.

Diets work; very well, actually. The way your diet works for you is in your hands alone.

Eat for the results you desire. There’s no other way to get them.

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