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Why America Is So Unhealthy

Craig Leonard September 26, 2013
Why America Is Fat and Unhealthy

I’ve always viewed myself as a renegade. My Christian Faith, conservative politics, skepticism of modern medicine, abhorrent views regarding extreme endurance exercise (that is so en vogue these days), and my nutritional convictions, collectively make the case for my being a non-conformist.

In other words, I’m not drinking the Kool-Aid, literally or figuratively speaking. I use the brain I was given to objectively examine the evidence at my disposal to draw the conclusions that seem most reasonable to me based on said evidence.

When I think about why the diet of the average American is so unhealthy, and why we’re seeing an epidemic of disease and obesity in this country, a lack of personal willpower is an easy target. I think there’s more to it than that, though.

Why is it that the world seems to be programmed towards feeding the masses with overly processed, chemical laden, genetically modified foods?

I live in the suburbs of St. Louis, Mo, and I have to drive more than 20 miles to get to the nearest market that sells grass fed beef, poultry not injected with hormones and antibiotics, wild caught fish and organic produce. I must pass a dozen other grocers on the way.

This is inconvenient for sure. But it beats the alternative of pumping my body with foods lacking nutritional value that damage my metabolism, compromise my immune system, wreak havoc on my digestive health and increase my risk of developing just about any disease you can name.

As I was driving to the nearest Whole Foods Market, I realized something…

I realized that being a renegade is a prerequisite for living healthy in this world.

Renegade: A person who leaves one group and joins another who opposes it.

Years ago, I left the conformist camp of those who believe ingesting pounds of pills on a yearly basis and feeding their bodies processed foods, refined sugars and artificial ingredients is the way to live physical life to the fullest. Not only did I leave the camp, but I set up shop in enemy territory and am devoting my life to combating this nonsense that’s responsible for degrading the quality of life for the millions who’re falling victim to it.

The world is set up for us to fail. And it has been done so intentionally by individuals, companies and government officials who gladly sacrifice the nutritional needs of the masses so they can feed their bank accounts.

Think about it…The day Americans wake up and realize the real causes behind the myriad of diseases plaguing our society – and take control of our health – is the day pharmaceutical companies, fast food companies, giant food conglomerates, and farmers pushing genetically modified products to market, begin to go out of business.

These entities, among others, DO NOT want you healthy. Not only do they desire the populace to be fat and disease-ridden, but they’re doing everything they can to make us that way.

You can deny it and pretend it isn’t true. But you’re only kidding yourself.

With a food system and dietary guidelines that promote obesity and actively prevents optimal health by restricting critical nutrients, is it any wonder Americans are struggling? If you’re at all concerned about your health, nutrition is paramount, and you’re simply not going to get what you need from a boxed concoction of processed ingredients.1 – Dr. Mercola

This is the world we live in and it’s up to us to rebel if we’re going to live fit and healthy.

We are inundated with commercials advertising drugs to us – drugs that, in most cases, don’t even cure the conditions they’ve been supposedly designed to treat. Most do nothing but temporarily suppress the symptoms that quickly return when the drugs are filtered out of the body in a matter of hours.

And then there’s the following 2013 statistics pertaining to the fast food industry in America:

  • There are over 160,000 fast food restaurants in America
  • 50 million Americans are served fast food daily
  • Nearly 50% of Americans consume fast food at least once each week 2

It is all too convenient to be unhealthy. Driving around any city in America, you can conveniently grab 1,000+ calories of MSG loaded, overly processed foods in a matter of seconds without ever having to step foot out of your ride.

Have a medical condition? “Just take this twice a day and let me know if it gets any worse,” we’re told. Besides, it’s much more convenient to quickly pop a pill on a daily basis than to take the measures necessary to actually treat the root cause of the problem through proper dietary and exercise protocols.

I wonder how many people would even be willing to commit to changing their unhealthy habits if they knew it would cure them anyway?

When it comes to our health, there is always a price to pay for complacency and convenience. And I promise you the piper will be paid – one way or another.

How to Join the Resistance

Why America is Fat and Unhealthy - ResistanceLiving a long, fit and healthy life is a battle. If you’re going to be successful, it’s going to take more than just having the will to succeed.

You’re also going to need to arm yourself with knowledge. Learning the truth about the foods you’re eating is a great place to start.

Beyond that, it takes planning and consistent action. Resolve to keep your kitchen mostly free of (or completely free of) processed and chemically laced foods. And be sure to move your body often, lift/move heavy things and eliminate stress from your life as much as possible.

Find a doctor who’s truly concerned about curing your conditions, advises you to that end, and doesn’t just prescribe you the latest drug to temporarily suppress your symptoms and send you on your way.

As more and more of us continue to take the red pill to see just how far the nutritionally bankrupt rabbit hole goes, and open our eyes to the battle that’s going on around us, I believe that our culture will begin to shift.

As this happens, the new-found demand for quality food and natural healthcare providers will breed an increase in health food suppliers and spurn more qualified holistic healthcare professionals, leading to a leaner, healthier society filled with increased vibrance, vitality and longevity.

But this kind of shift won’t take place overnight. It will happen one person-turned-renegade at a time.

So, come and join the resistance.


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