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What Makes You Different Makes You Valuable To Others

Craig Leonard May 7, 2016
What Makes Me Different

Did you realize that you’re 100% unique?

And did you know that there are aspects about your God-given talents and life experiences that put you in a position to have a certain kind of positive impact on the world that you and only you can provide?

There’s an untold amount of power that comes with identifying what it is that you have to offer to the people that enter your sphere of influence during the time you’re given to spend on Earth. It can be tough to identify, though.

Unless you’re intentional about reflecting on your personal experiences and how they’ve shaped you into the person you are today, you run the risk of living your entire life without using your uniqueness to positively impact the world as only you can.

An email I recently received reminded me of this important truth and inspired me to record episode #14 of the Craig Leonard Fitness Podcast.

In this latest episode of the podcast I discuss:

  • How to identify what it is that makes you unique
  • My negative experiences purchasing fitness programs and how it led me to identify a powerful way I can be different in the way I interact with my clients
  • What to do once you discover the qualities that are uniquely yours
  • My struggle explaining to others what makes me different and why they should care
  • The rewarding nature of using the things that make you different to enhance the lives of others
  • How I’ve used my unique experiences to provide life-long value to those who purchase my Ripped Out ebook

Listen in to Craig Leonard Fitness Podcast “Episode #14: What Makes Me Different?” by clicking play in the media player below:

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