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Weighing In With Coach Amber: You Can’t Buy These Pythons At The Pet Store

Amber DeLeal February 18, 2016
Weighing In With Coach Amber - Arms Workout

Since yesterday was “Hump Day”, I thought it would be appropriate to write about my lady lumps!

I bet you’re thinking I’m talking about my booty gains, but you’re wrong. We’ll save that for another day.

I posted a picture a few days ago on social media of me flexing in front of a cooler we make at my work. I thought it was cool that my 9-5 job was displayed in a place I consider my second home and I had to strike a pose exposing my lady lumps protruding from each of my arms.

Here it is for your viewing pleasure (#nerdalert):


It seems to have gotten a lot of people talking, too, because I have been getting a lot of comments after posting this. People saying things like, “Hey Amber! Your arms are huge!” and “You have big biceps.”

Honestly, I never thought about myself as someone with big biceps. I will admit, though, I was surprised at my definition when I saw the picture.

It had been quite some time since I took a picture in this stance. And because I’ve been cutting for my competition and my body fat percentage is lower, it is much easier to see my muscle definition.

I guess I can’t continue to be in denial and need to just admit that my arms are one of my strong points when it comes to muscle gains.


While I would love to tell you that there’s a magic potion to make specific changes to any body part, there isn’t, because there is NO SUBSTITUTE FOR HARD WORK!

If there’s an area you seem to lack in, a solution is simply to work that muscle multiple times a week. In other words, you want to hit it with extra volume and/or frequency.

The area that seems to lag behind for me is my lats.

I’ll talk more about the subject of how to ensure you’re getting the most out of “hard to grow” areas within a future article.

Also, for my thoughts on muscle growth in general you can check out my recent posting, “Weighing In With Amber: How’d You Get Them Gainz, Girl?!?“, where I went into the details of how I trained to put on muscle mass for a year and a half before I began leaning out for my upcoming competition.

Craig also has an excellent post worth reading on the subject: The Best Way To Build Muscle and Look All Sexy ‘n Stuff.

Before I move on, I want to make clear that I used the same methods described in my previous posting linked to above when weight training on arm day. There’s no reason arms shouldn’t be trained hard and heavy like every other muscle you want to grow.


That’s right. I’m going to share my complete arm day workout with you. It’s worked extremely well for me, so I strongly recommend you give it a try.

I start with triceps because they’re usually the stronger muscle between them and the biceps, as they are for me. Because of this, I know that by the time I get to my bicep lifts my triceps will still be able to perform effectively (or at least well enough).

For every exercise (tris and bis) I do 4 heavy sets of each movement, ending the last set with a drop set. If the movement feels good, meaning I really feel it working the muscle, sometimes I’ll add an extra set. That’s completely optional, though, and totally based on how I’m feeling on a particular day.

I also give myself about two minutes of rest between each set.


Triceps Workout:

  1. Skull Crushers – On the fourth and final set, I do a heavy set of about four reps and then go straight into close grip bench press with the same bar for as many reps as I can get until failure.
  2. Bent over dumb bell kick backs
  3. Under hand pull downs on the pulley with wavy bar – Make sure to have your hands gripped wide. This will target the backs of your triceps as opposed to the outer areas.
  4. Rope push downs supersetted with overhead push press – superset all four sets.

Biceps Workout:

  1. 12705774_1663720703892771_4251243105555145169_nDumb bell curls – If you perform this exercise seated, (as seen in the picture to the right) it makes it much harder to cheat the movement, insuring the biceps to get maximum range of motion (and pump). Note: sometimes I’ll start in hammer curl position and turn my palms inward on the way up. Just a slight variation to change the angle of stimulation
  2. EZ bar preacher curls.
  3. Overhead cable curls (One of my personal favorites, along with preacher curls)
  4. Wide grip straight bar curls.

*NOTE: This is my favorite arm workout, but it is good to change up your work out every two months or so. This will keep your muscles in a state of “confusion” which will increase muscle growth and keep your training from getting boring and stale.

Well, there you have it. That’s arm day with Coach Amber.

I didn’t mention it before, but don’t forget your 20 min of warm-up cardio before your weight training to get your blood pumping and joints loose!

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