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Weighing In With Coach Amber: She’s Back!

Amber DeLeal February 15, 2016
Weighing In With Coach Amber - She's Back

Well, it’s been a while since I posted my last article. In fact, one of the last articles I wrote was about my decision to compete in a figure competition. I can’t believe that was already over a year ago. Man, time flew!

If you didn’t read it, or you can’t remember the details, you can read it here.

Let’s Get Up To Speed

First, I want to apologize for my VERY long absence on here! All I can tell you is that my time and mind became over-occupied when I changed my workouts and daily routine to prepare for a physique competition.

It’s been a rush, but it’s a lot to deal with at first.

Second, I want to thank any and all CLF readers who have patiently waited for new material from me. If you’re new to, I want to say, welcome.

And I hope you enjoy and benefit from the articles, podcasts and other content brought to you by Craig and myself on this site.

What You Can Expect From Me Going Forward…

So, now that you know a little about what I’ve been up to I also want you to know what I have in store for us going forward into the future.

I’m still in prep for my competition, but I am much closer to the finish line these days. Eight weeks and six days out to be exact, but who’s counting? :-).

As far as new postings go, my plan for some time has been to write more frequently, but I was considering the best way to use my experience prepping for my upcoming physique competition to motivate and give direction to our readers.

Talking with Craig this weekend he had the great idea for me to do frequent updates of my contest prep experience. Craig and I liked this idea for a few reasons:

  1. It will allow me to give those who might be considering competing in physique contests a window into everything that goes into it. I will also be able to share what I’ve found to work in my own contest preparations.
  2. I’ve been getting some fantastic results and people frequently ask me what I’m doing to get them. These frequent updates will allow me to share how I’m training, what I’m eating, what supplements I’m taking and the different things I’m struggling with.

The best part is that it will all be done with a focus on using my experience to improve the lives of our Craig Leonard Fitness readers. I can’t even begin to explain my level of excitement when Craig mentioned this to me!

This journey of mine started a couple of years ago and has been absolutely life changing – for the better. There’s nothing I want more than to share what I’m learning and experiencing with you to help you achieve your goals as I continue to strive towards achieving mine!

I plan to write daily about my workouts, meals, kids, struggles, the highs, the lows and everything in between. So, basically a daily blog post.

Please forgive me if I miss a day here or there. As a mom with a full time job my life can get crazy just like yours.

As a matter of fact, this short posting took approximately 3.5 hours to type because as I was typing it I had to step away to make dinner, break up a fight between the kids, rearrange some furniture, and clean up the dishes.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. By the way, always remember that anything that’s important to you, is worth making time for.

I hope that my future posts inspire you to better yourself and keep you motivated. Or, at the very least, keep you entertained.

Time to put the kids to bed. Until tomorrow, keep your head up and your goals in view!

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