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Vermont Set to Become First State to Independently Act to Make GMO Labeling Mandatory

Craig Leonard April 28, 2014
Vermont GMO Labeling Law - Health and Fitness Blog

Vermont has dealt a huge blow to the biotech industry with the recent passage of a law – that Gov. Peter Shumlin has said he will sign – which will require all food products containing GMOs to be labeled by July 1st, 2016 so that Vermont consumers will know when they are purchasing foods that contain genetically altered ingredients.

The law is the first “clean” GMO labeling law to be passed in America that requires no triggering events by neighboring states. It is an enormous victory for grassroots consumer activism and a massive defeat for the biotech industry and its army of anti-science intimidation operatives.

Vast sums of money have been spent by biotech giants on propaganda and intimidation tactics designed to keep people in the dark about the lack of scientific evidence regarding the safety of genetically modified foods, because they understand the magnitude of what’s at stake here.

Once the public is educated, or the law is no longer on their side, these corporate imperialists will stand to lose billions in profits.

Their seed patents will become virtually worthless overnight, they will be unable to sue farmers who have GMO crops on their land (intentionally or not) and they will stand to face massive legal retaliation as the truth of what they had been pushing on consumers inevitably comes to light.

As a Monsanto seed executive rightly admitted nearly 20 years ago, “If you put a label on genetically engineered food you might as well put a skull and crossbones on it.”

A Moment of Appreciation to Vermont Legislators for Acting on Behalf of Their Citizens

Vermont’s state representation has not allowed the well orchestrated lobbying and intimidation tactics to prevent them from protecting its citizens from genetically engineered foods – and they deserve to be commended for acting in the best interest of the people they represent.

As ABC News makes clear: Americans overwhelmingly favor such requirements for foods containing genetically modified organisms… The Vermont bill says genetically modified foods “potentially pose risks to health, safety, agriculture, and the environment” and includes $1.5 million for implementation and defense against lawsuits expected from the food and biotech industries.

Vermont is acting as a pioneer on the GMO-labeling front and understands that there will be a legal battle ahead of them. A such, legislators were sure to proactively include funding to protect its citizens from the forthcoming lawsuits levied by biotech giants who stand to lose millions.

Vermont’s State Law Will Have National GMO Labeling Implications

GMO Labeling Law in Vermont - National Implications

The Huffington Post explains that strictly speaking, Vermont’s H.112 applies only to Vermont. But it will have the same impact on the marketplace as a federal law because national food and beverage companies and supermarkets will not likely risk the ire of their customers by admitting that many of the foods and brands they are selling in Vermont are genetically engineered, and deceptively labeled as “natural” or “all natural” in the other 49 states.

Yes, in case you aren’t already aware, because Federal Law (astoundingly) doesn’t currently identify genetically modified foods as being unnatural, unethical food producers are getting away with labeling foods containing GMOs as “100% natural”!

How they have gotten away with this for so long is beyond me, but this Vermont law is likely to draw a considerable amount of negative attention from consumers in other states as they become increasingly aware of the deceptive practices being employed by those producing the foods they’re buying.

In this age of information sharing via blogs and social media, when a food that is labeled as containing GMOs in Vermont is then sold in another state with a “100% natural” label people are going to eventually take notice.

A possible outcome, then, is that consumers in all 50 states will benefit as manufacturers feel compelled to avoid potential backlash from patrons in states outside of Vermont and implement consistency in their labeling standards, regardless of the state in which their foods will be sold.

And if they don’t, you can bet that I’ll be here to expose it.

Freedom is an elusive concept. If you don’t stand up and demand it, it will be stolen from you day after day, silently, insidiously, and at the hands of truly evil corporations that quite literally want you to be a slave to their monopolistic aims.

Obesity, cancer, diabetes and all other debilitating diseases this pursuit afflicts on their loyal customers is simply discarded as justifiable collateral damage in their conquest for control.

It was only a matter of time before a state passed mandatory GMO labeling legislation and this isn’t a surprise to the Monsanto’s of the world. In fact, they were already lobbying with members of Congress on a preemptive strike that would make any state GMO labeling laws, including this one, illegal.

The fight for transparency has only just begun.

For the biotech industry, their “perfect world” would look like this:

• All seeds are patented and owned by one dominant multi-billion-dollar corporation.

• All farmers are forced to buy all seeds from this corporation.

• All consumers are denied the right to know what they are eating by censoring food labels to make sure GMOs are never listed.

• All scientists and activists who dare to raise questions about the human safety and environmental safety of genetically engineered foods are systematically threatened, intimidated, silenced and even ostracized from the “scientific” community. No science that questions GMOs will be allowed in any science journal, EVER.

• All lawmakers are bought off or threatened to the extent necessary to receive their support for voting against GMO labeling laws.

That’s the perfect world of the biotech industry, and make no mistake when I say that’s what they are aiming for: total domination, ignorance, slavery, scientific censorship and corporate imperialism.

Vermont has just single-handedly dealt a major blow to the future prospect of these scenarios continuing, but we as a people must remain diligent in our fight for nutritional integrity, and pray that more states follow its bold example. Sources:

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