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The Power of Accountability

Craig Leonard March 4, 2016
The Power of Accountability - Health and Fitness Blog Podcast

Have you ever noticed that when others are relying on you to do something that you always seem to find a way to get it done?

Well, what if I told you there was a way to harness that power of accountability into your health and fitness goals in such a way that it would keep you on track, make you more productive with your time, and exponentially increase your chance of achieving your goals, fitness and otherwise?

In the latest episode of the Craig Leonard Fitness Podcast I explain:

  • Why being held accountable is such a powerful force in our quest to achieve our fitness goals
  • How the most successful personal trainers utilize the power of accountability to get the most out of their clients
  • Several different methods of accountability you can implement to keep you accountable and increase your chances of success
  • What keeps me motivated and accountable in my personal fitness journey and as an online fitness coach
  • The importance of finding the kind of accountability that’s specifically focused on your unique temptations and goals

Listen in to Craig Leonard Fitness Podcast “Episode #12: The Power of Accountability” by clicking play in the media player below:

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