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One-On-One Fitness Support: Why I Personally Invest Back Into The Lives Of Those Who Invest In Me

Craig Leonard October 23, 2013
Personal Training Investment

Personalized support isn’t something you find that often amongst my fellow fitness bloggers. Yes, it exists. It is far from the norm, though.

I can recall a number of years ago when I purchased a fitness ebook. I had a couple of questions and emailed them to the author. I figured they were probably busy and that it might take a day or two to get a response.

So I waited… And I waited…

After several days I sent a follow up email and never did receive an answer to my questions. I can understand not answering every single email you receive. As a paying customer, though, I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel a little bit slighted.

This was a couple of years before I would develop an undying passion for fitness and would eventually start a blog of my own. But that experience has stuck with me to this day.

Fast forward several years…

I have a blog, a decent number of followers, have published a couple of ebooks and have made it a point to personally attend to the questions of every individual who invests in them.

I never really thought much about providing one-on-one fitness support. I assumed it was how most people approached customer service and have always felt it was just the right thing to do.

Apparently, my questions not being answered all those years ago is common fare, because I received the following email from a customer who seemed to be elated that I was actually so responsive to her questions:

I see that Joe Smith (name respectfully changed) is touting ONE day’s completely-worked-out-for-you meal plans for 77 dollars. You are a WAY better value than that! I’ve been telling TONS of people about your personal approach and wonderful support, so I hope you get lots of folks buying your program as I have done (although I suspect that your kind support for me is a one-off – lucky me – or you’d be swamped).

It feels good to be appreciated, for sure. But this kind of support from me is anything but a “one-off”. In fact, everyone that purchases one of my books can expect this same kind of personalized attention.

Every. Single. Person.

You won’t find a single person who is using (or has used) any of my programs that sent me an email and didn’t receive a direct, detailed response from me personally. It may take me a couple of days to respond, but I always respond.

Can I guarantee that I’ll be able to keep up with the volume of emails forever? Probably not, as my online fitness business continues to grow larger by the day. But I’m sure going to try.

And if the time comes for me to hire an assistant, you can bet they’ll be someone who’s just as passionate about helping others achieve their goals as I am, and will deliver the same level of top-notch support.

I have worked my butt off to build my brand and gain the support of a number of faithful followers. I’m truly thankful to the good Lord for each and every follower I have been blessed with and will never take a single one of you for granted.

Even more than that, I want nothing more than to see you succeed. Every blog post and every one of my programs (like Every Seven Days Fat Loss) were written with your ability to realize your goals in the forefront of my mind.

I personally invest back into the lives of those who invest in me with one-on-one support because I can think of no better way to build their trust – a trust that will be integral to their success – than to do just that.

Don’t believe me?

I challenge you to pick up a copy of Every Seven Days Fat Loss, read through it and send me any questions you have about using it to build your ideal body.

If you take me up on this challenge it won’t take you long to see first-hand that the kind of one-on-one fitness support that led to the quoted email above is anything but a one-off.

It’s how I treat each and every person who is serious about improving their health and physical appearance, and trusts me to show them how to do it.

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