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Mindset Checkdown: Get This Right or Improving Your Body Will Be Impossible

Craig Leonard January 12, 2014

After an extended period consisting of sporadic exercising and eating whatever suited her fancy, my wife has recently decided it was time to re-dedicate herself to regular exercise, limiting her calories and eating clean, with the intention of building a physique she would once again be confident with.

She’s made similar attempts to reclaim her fitness during the past couple of years only to call it quits before making any substantive progress.

I can tell that this time is different. As Martin Lawrence so eloquently put it in Bad Boys II: “Stuff just got real” (paraphrased so “stuff” stays PG rated up in here).

The switch has been flipped and there’s no doubting the relentlessness with which she’s pursuing her goals this time around. The difference between now and her previous attempts to improve her body couldn’t be more exaggerated to me.

Cheat meals are rare. She tracks everything she eats. She’s regularly measuring her progress. What used to be excuses not to workout have been replaced by stubborn perseverance.

Perhaps most telling is the frequency with which she comments about being excited to have a lean and sexy physique.

I, of course, already think she’s super sexy.

My reason for pointing this out is because this indicates to me that she has what is the most crucial element for successfully transforming one’s body in place: mindset.

Any personal trainer worth his or her salt is acutely aware of the power of having the right mindset and can therefore predict with a high degree of accuracy which clients will succeed and which will fail.

There are instances where the mindset switch flips after a few weeks, but these occurrences are rare.

My wife has the right mindset, she’s getting after it and I’m confident that I’ll have the blessing of sharing my wife’s transformation story with you soon enough.

For now, though, I want to expound upon the importance of having an impenetrable mindset.

The Tunnel Vision Mindset and Refusing to Accept Defeat

Mindset for Success - LeBron

Every athlete, business professional, musician, writer and (insert any other profession title here) that has excelled to the top of their craft has done it via grit, determination and an unrelenting refusal to quit until they were the best they could possibly be.

LeBron James is arguably the best basketball player in the NBA today. I’m sure he loves basketball, but that doesn’t mean he looks forward to playing it 365 days a year.

I can tell you without reservation that there are days during the off-season when the last thing LeBron wants to do is hit the court and take a couple thousand fadeaway jumpers.

But he does it anyway.

Why does he do it?

Because his mindset is his driving force.

What he lacks in physical desire he overcomes through his intellect, knowing that the only way he will continue to be the best player in the game is to make sure no other player spends more time refining their game than he does.

Bodily transformations are no different. There will be times when you’re going to dread the thought of picking up another loaded barbell.

And there’ll definitely be times when the package of Oreos in the pantry will seem infinitely more tempting than the contemptuous thought of taking down another grilled chicken breast (Which is exactly why you shouldn’t keep Oreos in the house…ever. Those things are as addictive as crack – this study proves it.).

Everybody deals with these things. Every. Body.

I don’t maintain a lean, defined physique year round because I’m never tempted.

The difference is how I deal with those temptations the majority of the time.

If you’ll forgive me for being cliche, the best way I can describe this is as putting my mind over matter.

I know what I want for myself and I’m not going to let a temporary bout of laziness or momentary food temptation stand in my way. It’s funny, but after resisting a potential compromise, it’s allure will quickly subside after the fact.

Have A Mindset That Breeds Success

Know what you want to achieve. Constantly reflect on why achieving your goal is so important to you. Visualize what your life will be like once your goal is reached.

Let these things galvanize your mindset and produce in you the drive you need to make consistent progress until what was once just a vision in your mind has become your reality. Photo Credits:

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