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Matthias Uses Ripped Out To Go From Skinny-Fat To Shredded Out of His Mind

Craig Leonard September 9, 2014
Matthias Ripped Out Before and After - Featured

We’re going international with today’s Ripped Out transformation success story. It begins in Hamburg, Germany, with a young man named Matthias who now has one of the most impressive before and after photos I’ve ever seen.

Matthias was one of the first to purchase my Ripped Out program and he definitely made me work for his business!

As most people are these days, Matthias was skeptical about purchasing any online training program, and he had some questions he needed answered in order to quell his insecurities. I actually still have that first email I received from Matthias back in 2012.

He explained that he needed to lose fat and build muscle. He attached a photo of his physique, which confirmed this, as Matthias had what is sometimes called a skinny-fat physique:

Matthias Before Using Ripped Out

As you can see, skinny-fat describes someone who isn’t carrying around a massive amount of total body mass, but still has an amount of body fat that hides all their muscle definition. Another way to think of skinny-fat is when a person’s overall body weight is near what would be considered normal, but they still appear chubby, because what they’re lacking in muscle mass has simply been filled in with body fat.

Matthias had some lofty aspirations for himself, as well. He explained that his goal was to build a body that resembled Cam Gigandet’s and wanted to know if my program would provide him with the kind of results he needed to get there if he dedicated himself to my instructions 100%.

I wasn’t familiar with Cam Gigandet, so it’s a good thing Matthias attached the following photo of him to show me exactly what he was talking about:

Cam Gigandet In my reply I assured Matthias that his assessment of needing to build muscle and lower his body fat percentage was dead on. I also explained that my Ripped Out program is designed specifically for building muscle and shedding body fat simultaneously, making it the perfect solution for achieving his goal, and doing so as efficiently as possible.

I gave him some high level details of how Ripped Out was designed specifically for the change he desired. I also let him know that I understood his skepticism and pointed out that my program comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

I also made it clear that I make myself personally available to answer any questions those who are using Ripped Out have about using my instructions to achieve their goals, so he would be able to email me any time he had questions about what he was doing, or why he was doing it.

He never explicitly told me so, but I have a feeling that receiving a response directly from me (instead of some auto-responder or customer support assistant, as is very common these days) made quite an impression on Matthias.

Regardless of what it was, specifically, that convinced Matthias he could trust me, something did the trick, because Matthias purchased the program the following week and jumped right in with both feet.

I soon found out that Matthias was relatively new to exercise and nutrition. This was both good and bad.

It was good because I didn’t have to spend a lot of time dispelling the dogmatic fitness sentiments my more experienced clients bring with them. The negative side of this was that Matthias had a lot of questions.

His asking questions wasn’t all bad, though. In fact, the latest version of Ripped Out includes a couple of improvements that were incorporated specifically to address the questions Matthias had in order to clear up any potential confusion that future customers might also have had.

Most importantly, though, Matthias placed his trust in the program and did his best to exercise and eat as I prescribe in Ripped Out. He began seeing results from the very first week, continued measuring results on his body every 7 days after that, and that was all he needed to convince him that Ripped Out was the “real deal” solution he was looking for.

That said, no physical transformation is achieved without a number of disappointments and setbacks along the way. And it certainly wasn’t all smooth sailing for Matthias, either.

Nearly every dramatic transformation I’ve helped my clients achieve has come in spite of a prevalence of available excuses and personal challenges that must be overcome to reach their goals. Amber, Brendan, Wendy, and now Matthias, all dealt with a considerable amount of adversity, yet still emerged victorious.

I mentioned earlier that Matthias’ transformation is one of the best natural physical improvements I’ve ever laid eyes on. I can’t put into words how blessed I feel to know that my program and personal guidance had a hand in such an incredible transformation.

At the end of the day, though, it was Matthias that put in the work, put in the time, put in the discipline, and endured the necessary sacrifices to achieve his goal of attaining a body like Cam Gigandet’s pictured above.

As I’m going to reveal in just a moment, Matthias didn’t just build a body like Cam Gigandet’s. He developed a physique that would make Cam envious.

I realize this is hard to believe, as Cam Gigandet’s body is definitely one that most men would love to emulate (and rightly so). Well, have a look at Matthias’ unbelievable transformation and you be the judge:

Matthias - Ripped Out Before and After

Now that right there is what you call going from skinny-fat to shredded! Cam Gigandet, eat your heart out.

In case you’re wondering, Matthias went from having over 18% body fat in his before photo, down to a lean 7% body fat in the after photo.  I couldn’t be more proud of Matthias for this incredible accomplishment – or more appreciative of him for allowing me to share it.

I reached out to Matthias to ask him if he’d like to share a few words within this posting and here is what he sent me:

In my experience, there are a lot of weak muscle building programs out there. They exist because most people search for a quick solution. So they fall for “Get A Six-Pack In 30 Days” and other such nonsense. And I know from experience that most online coaches have no clue what they’re talking about. 

And the first thing you should always consider is if your potential coach isn’t in great shape it’s probably a good indication that his/her program is complete BS.

Craig’s physique being like the one I wanted is part of what drew me to his Ripped Out program. I can tell you that Craig‘s program is different than the others out there, and if you’re looking for adding lean muscle mass and having a low level of bodyfat (with nice six pack abs), it‘s a perfect choice.

His program isn’t easy but it produces results. Period. I had tried many “easy” programs with little success. Now, I didn’t mind working hard, but I needed to see results, which is exactly what happened when I started using Ripped Out.

Also, Craig is an awesome mentor. What I appreciate most is that Craig is always honest and never misled me. 

I asked him a lot of questions and I really appreciate that Craig always took the time to answer all of my questions with very detailed responses. There’s no other program that comes with personal service like his, as far as I know, and his email service alone is worth so much more money than the current price of Ripped Out. 

My first goal was to reach a body like Brad Pitt in Fight Club. Then I saw a photo of Cam Gigandet and knew that was the type of physique I really wanted.

By the way, it‘s important to set a goal that motivates you. My goal is what kept me going to the gym week after week. For me, it wasn’t a vague goal like just trying to lose some weight. It was about what I suppose everybody wants: To look awesome naked. 😉

On a more serious note, a body transformation is important in so many ways. My health has improved and so has my self confidence. Of course your confidence ultimately comes from within, but people react differently to you when you’re in excellent shape, which only helps that much more.

I understand that making a change to your daily habits is intimidating. It does get easier, though. Over the course of time it really does become a lifestyle if you stick with it long enough. 

I want to make it clear to your readers, Craig, that my journey wasn’t easy. I have bad genetics that made me look skinny-fat. I also had a hernia (you can see the scar on the picture) and couldn’t go to the gym for several weeks.

So, even when you think you have bad genetics and experience some setbacks, you have to keep moving forward. And, more than anything, never give up!

My hope is that after seeing Matthias’ results, and hearing his message, it will inspire others to commit to the changes they need in their lives to attain a physical appearance they can be confident in and proud of.

Though it’s the norm in America, and in most places around the world today, we weren’t created to be fat, weak, sluggish, sick and tired beings. These conditions are occurring as a result of the innumerable damaging ways we treat our bodies.

As a people, we consume an overabundance of calories, have a collective addiction to natural, artificial and refined sugars, we drink diet sodas that do nothing to help weight loss and are full of toxic ingredients, and we decide that exercise isn’t nearly as important as surfing social media and arguing with haters online for 2 hours everyday.

Fortunately, the trend can be reversed, starting as soon as today. But it’s up to you to do what Matthias did and take action.

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