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Just 20 Minutes of “Easy” Exercise Does This…

Craig Leonard February 23, 2016
Walking Health Benefits

Did you know that getting an amount of exercise comparable to a brisk 20-minute walk every day is enough to reduce the risk of premature death by as much as 30%?

That’s exactly what the results of a recent study published by Cambridge University indicate.1

How many people struggle with finding an hour a day to exercise when trying to transition out of a completely sedentary lifestyle?

As Coach Amber rightly pointed out in this recent posting, the truth is that there’s never enough time in our day to workout unless we make time for it. Still, it can be intimidating for someone trying to go from having no exercise in their daily routine to dedicating a full hour (or more).

As intimidating as this is, it can be equally tempting to falsely believe that something as seemingly insignificant as twenty minutes of walking each day won’t make any difference. I would say a reduction in one’s risk of premature death by 30% is quite the difference for something so easy and requiring such little time commitment, wouldn’t you?

The aforementioned Cambridge University study also noted that the greatest reductions in early death risk provided by burning 90-110 calories per day from light exercise were experienced among the subjects who were previously inactive.

While it isn’t surprising that those who previously engaged in little or no physical activity benefited the most from the equivalent of 20-minutes of light exercise, I hope it motivates those of you reading this who are considering starting down the path of health and fitness to see quantifiable proof that even a little exercise each day can go a long way toward improving your health and vitality.

Another finding worth noting from this European study of 334,000 men and women was that twice as many deaths among those participating were due to inactivity as those that were linked to obesity. The point to take from this isn’t that obesity isn’t as detrimental to one’s health as we’ve been told.

Obesity has been inextricably linked to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and severe reductions in life quality. Nothing in this study changes this fact.

What it does point to, though, is how impactful it is for our health and quality of life that we move our body – and move it often. It’s so impactful that just 20 minutes of easy exercise (like walking) per day can reduce the risk of early death by as much as 30%.

There aren’t many uses of our time and energy that would provide that much return on such a small investment.

And how much greater benefit do you think we can expect to receive from three or four hours of strength and conditioning training each week?

Considering the intangible benefits of self confidence, strength, sexy muscles, abundance of energy, and even enhanced brainpower,  the difference is truly immeasurable.

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If nothing else, at least make a promise to yourself that you’ll get in a brisk 20-minute walk at least 5 days each week. It could very well extend your life.


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