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It All Starts With Calories (Podcast)

Craig Leonard March 18, 2016
Episode 13 - It All Starts With Calories

It’s no surprise that I have an affinity for exploring some of the darkest recesses in the universe of nutrition. It seems I can’t learn enough about how the food we eat can effect our health and physical appearance.

I sometimes worry that I spend so much time being enamored with minute nutritional details that I run the risk of my followers missing the big picture. So let’s take it back to the basics.

When it comes to losing body fat or gaining muscle mass, it always starts with calories.

It doesn’t matter how healthy you’re eating. If you’re eating too many calories losing body fat will be next to impossible. Eat too few calories and you can kiss your dreams of a muscular physique goodbye.

This is all well and good, but how do you know how many calories you need to shed body fat or build muscle mass? Do you really need to track calories to get consistent results? Aren’t macronutrients also important?

I answer all of these questions (and more) within the latest episode of the Craig Leonard Fitness Podcast, because getting results doesn’t have to be that complicated.

Listen in to Craig Leonard Fitness Podcast “Episode #13: It All Starts With Calories” by clicking play in the media player below:

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