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CLF Core Philosophy #1: We Inspire Change In Others Through Our Actions and Results

Craig Leonard January 10, 2015
Inspire Others - CLF Core Philosophy

How selfish it is for anyone to experience something incredible and life-changing and then not share it with others. Here at Craig Leonard Fitness, we not only believe in the power of physical training and proper nutrition, but we’re also committed to doing our part in proclaiming the life-changing message of health and physical fitness to others.

In fact, the first core philosophy of Craig Leonard Fitness mandates our commitment to the reason I created this site in 2013: To inspire change in others.

Before I expand on that, though, I want to be clear that we don’t want our inspiration to start with us and die with you. Our hope is that as our educational, motivational, and inspirational content inspires you to improve your life, that you would then turn around and share that positive experience with those you know, love, and care about.

We would certainly be extremely grateful if you referred them to But, as every Craig Leonard Fitness coach understands, a personal approach to influencing others is oftentimes the most powerful.

So, while this blog has shown the capability to wield a considerable amount of influence in the lives of others (here are just a few examples), never forget that you have more power over positively influencing those you associate with than this or any other website could ever have.

At Craig Leonard Fitness our #1 desire is for those who are sick, unhealthy, or simply less than satisfied with their physiques, to be given the message of hope that proper nutrition and an active lifestyle can offer.

We all have close friends and family members whose diets and inactive lifestyles are accelerating them down the path toward an early exit from this earth.

While death is an unavoidable fact of life, that doesn’t mean we ought to be silent when we see others doing things that are speeding up the process.

We believe in the sanctity and intrinsic value of all human life. Therefore, we also believe that those of us who possess information that would save it, extend it, or enhance its quality, have a moral obligation to share that information.

What would it say about us if we had the answers that would save someone’s life or improve someone’s situation in life and yet we remained silent?

Words – spoken and written – are powerful, but they aren’t the only way we speak to those who need to hear what we have to say. At Craig Leonard Fitness we believe in the ability to speak volumes to those who need to hear our message without ever saying a word.

It’s been said that actions and results speak louder than words. This, in many ways, is especially true when it comes to sharing the message of health and fitness.

We can tell people about the importance of eating clean and staying active, but our message won’t carry an ounce of weight if they don’t see us practicing what we’re preaching. Our message also won’t matter to others if they can’t see any positive impact it’s having in our lives.

This is why we need to live out our message of health and fitness and share the difference it’s making in our lives at every opportunity.

Yes, there are going to be days when we throw caution to the wind and have a piece of pie (or three, like I did on Thanksgiving this past year). Still, we should be ever mindful of who we’re around and the type of message our rare decision to splurge is sending.

If we’re around loved ones who’re struggling to lose weight, we can’t underestimate how powerful of an influence our dietary decisions can have on them. So we ought to be mindful of who we’re going to be around before we decide to deviate from our usual health conscious food decisions.

We also recognize that our attitude is the pillar of influence upon which our actions stand. What I mean by this is that the way we carry ourselves determines how receptive others will be to our message.

Negative people rarely inspire anyone. Nobody wants to follow in the footsteps of those whose existence appears to be completely predicated on negativity. Yes, negativity can sometimes motivate others to act, but it doesn’t inspire.

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So we will remain intentional about abstaining from acting in ways that are only fit for the negative haters of this world.

We meet challenges with optimism and see them as opportunities. We do not attack, slander, or otherwise personally demean others in order to make a point.

We recognize that we will make mistakes, but we don’t blame others for them. We take responsibility for them, we learn from them, and we continue living out our convictions.

We live our lives giving our health and physical fitness the priority they deserve and let our actions, results and positive attitudes speak for themselves.

This is how we believe that inspiring change in the lives of others is most effectively accomplished at Craig Leonard Fitness.

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