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GMO Corn Contains Almost No Nutritional Value and Is Highly Toxic

Craig Leonard May 9, 2014
GMO Corn is Toxic and Not Nutritious - Health and Fitness Blog

A recent report detailing an analysis of GMO corn proves what natural health enthusiasts have known all along: That GMOs are not equivalent to their natural strains. Far from it, actually.

In light of the findings presented in this report, which I will delve into below, the information published on the FDA’s website that defines their official stance on genetically engineered foods is laughable on a number of points.

Take, for example, the FDA exposing that they allow GMO producers to perform their own safety evaluations to verify that their genetically engineered foods are safe for human consumption.

Yes, you read that right.

The very companies that have millions or billions of dollars in financial incentive to make sure their genetically engineered patents make it to market are the same ones overseeing the tests conducted on said patents that are used to confirm their safety to the FDA for its approval.

Does anyone else see a slight conflict of interest here?

And then there are these two claims made on the very same page:

FDA GMO Claim #1:

“Nutritional assessments for foods from genetically engineered plants that have been evaluated by FDA through the consultation process have shown that such foods are generally as nutritious as foods from comparable traditionally bred plants.”

FDA GMO Claim #2:

“The (genetically engineered) foods we have evaluated through the consultation process have not been more likely to cause toxic reaction than foods from traditionally bred plants. When new genetic traits are introduced into plants, the developer evaluates whether any new material could be toxic if consumed in foods made from the genetically engineered plants or from ingredients derived from these plants.”

So the FDA – without mincing words – is telling American consumers that GMO foods are as nutritious as their natural versions and are no more toxic to humans.

Well, I can tell you unequivocally that the FDA is not going to like what I have to share with you today. Because I’m about to prove that both of these claims are completely fraudulent and are damaging the livelihoods of millions of unsuspecting American consumers.

GMO Corn Has Been Analyzed…The Results Are In

The 2012 report, entitled 2012 Nutritional Analysis: Comparison of GMO Corn versus Non-GMO Corn, found numerous concerning and notable differences between GMO and non-GMO corn.

Perhaps the most obvious difference between the two was the gap in nutritional value. The fact that GMO corn isn’t nutritionally equivalent to non-GMO corn isn’t all that surprising.

What is shocking, however, is the fact that the GMO corn contained almost zero nutrition whatsoever!

The GMO corn was so deficient in virtually every nutrient that its complete nutritional value was almost negligible when compared to that of non-GMO corn:

  • Non-GMO corn has 6130 ppm of calcium while GMO corn has 14 (i.e. non-GMO corn has 437 times more calcium)
  • Non-GMO corn has 113 ppm of magnesium while GMO corn has 2 (i.e. non-GMO corn has about 56 times more magnesium)
  • Non-GMO corn has 113 ppm of potassium while GMO corn has 7 (i.e. non-GMO corn has 16 times more potassium)
  • Non-GMO corn has 14 ppm of manganese while GMO corn has 2 (i.e. non-GMO corn has 7 times more manganese)

Overall, the report concluded that non-GMO corn is 20 times richer in nutrition, energy and protein compared to GMO corn. Here is a visual of the published comparison so you can see it side by side:
GMO Corn ComparisonBut I thought the FDA says that GMO foods are just as nutritious as natural varieties?

It turns out that government agencies are not always deserving of our trust. Persuasive lobbyists, big-money donors dangling potential campaign donations, and related politically motivated pursuits, are all reasons not to trust what our bloated and equally corrupt government would have us be convinced of.

GMO Corn Contains Staggering Levels of Highly Toxic Substances

As you can see in the red text within the image above, while non-GMO corn was found to be free of chlorides, formaldehyde, glyphosate (the active ingredient in Monsanto’s best selling Roundup herbicide), and other toxic substances, GMO corn is riddled with dangerous levels of substances known to be highly toxic to human biology.

According to an analysis of this report by, GMO corn contains about 19 times more glyphosate than the maximum amount permitted in drinking water by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and 130 times more glyphosate than has been found in studies to cause organ damage in animals.

Similarly, GMO corn contains dangerously high levels of formaldehyde, according to the report. A previous study conducted by Dr. Don Huber on GMOs revealed that .97 ppm of formaldehyde is toxic if ingested by animals. As it turns out, GMO corn contains 200 times more formaldehyde than this maximum safety threshold.

Formaldehyde is listed as a human carcinogen in the Twelfth Report on Carcinogens published by the National Toxicology Program because it causes cancer of the throat, nose, and blood.

All this while the FDA maintains that genetically modified foods are no more likely to cause toxic reaction than foods from traditionally bred plants.

None of this comes as a surprise to anyone not lacking common sense. Of course foods that have had their genetic codes tampered with possess a different biological composition than their natural counterparts.

In fact, the change in biological composition is precisely why those who are genetically engineering our foods are doing it in the first place. It is being changed so that the plant food will display a different set of properties, properties that are decidedly unnatural!

GMO foods, by definition, cannot be equivalent to natural, whole food sources – and nothing the FDA, EPA, USDA or any government official says will ever change that.


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