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Incredible Female Fat Loss Transformation Success Story

Craig Leonard January 1, 2014
Female Fat Loss Transformation

The new year is now upon us and I shudder to think of the number of people who have resolved to improve their bodies, starting promptly, today, on the first of January.

Perhaps even worse is the fact that by the end of January the majority of those who set out to improve their bodies in 2014 will already have given up on their aspirations by the time February rolls around. It’s sad, but it’s the truth.

If building an impressive body is on your list of goals for 2014, I’m just going to be honest and tell you that you’re probably not going to succeed. This isn’t meant to discourage you and it isn’t a crack on you personally.

This statement is simply an indictment on what I see occurring year after year with men and women alike. Unfortunately, I have no reason to believe that 2014 will be any different.

The truth is, unlike the subject of the incredible fat loss transformation success story I’m about to share with you, most people simply don’t have the desire to discipline themselves to the degree necessary to build the kind of body they’ve resolved to build.

They think they do. But when the rubber meets the road, and they’re having to go to the gym five days per week and follow a structured nutrition plan, their minds quickly change and gaining control of their health and physical appearance again takes a back seat.

This failure that is inevitable for so many stems from a number of factors…

Perhaps the most problematic of these factors is the setting of unrealistic expectations.

Setting out with the goal to lose 25 pounds in a single month, while being an admirable goal, is simply not realistic for most people and does nothing but usher in disappointment and feelings of failure.

Another oft unforeseen challenge is not possessing the long-term mindset that must be present for someone to make drastic changes to their body. Setting realistic short-term goals is great and is something I definitely recommend you do. But you must remember that dramatic improvements to the composition of the body do not happen overnight – even when you are measuring fat loss results on your body on a weekly basis.

Drastic changes to the composition of the body can take months of consistency and dedication. I wish I could tell you that building a lean, defined body is easy.

But that would be a lie, because it isn’t.

The truth is, nothing worth attaining in life comes easy and building a stellar physique with an optimal level of health is certainly no exception.

As I alluded to above, I’m about to share with you an absolutely incredible female fat loss transformation success story. Before I did, though, I wanted to set the stage by explaining just how difficult doing what this inspirational woman has done truly is, especially under the backdrop of today being the first day of “resolution season”.

My hope is not that this prelude will discourage you. My hope is that it provides you the opportunity to count the cost of what it will take from you to achieve your goals, and that the following fat loss transformation success story will inspire you to persevere until you’ve tasted success, despite any and all challenges that will undoubtedly stand in your way.

I believe each and every person (including you) has it in them to do exactly what the woman I’m about to introduce to you has done. But, before that can happen, they first have to realize what’s at stake, commit themselves to consistent action, stay highly motivated throughout the process, and understand that building an impressive body is a long-term goal for most that won’t be achieved overnight.

I can tell you this, though: Once a person transforms their body, they will – without fail – realize that any and all sacrifices they will have made to do so will pale by comparison.

With that, I’d like to segue into what is an absolutely incredible fat loss transformation success story by introducing you to somebody who is near and dear to my heart: my kid sister, Amber.

Let’s set the stage with a little background of Amber’s fat loss journey…

Growing up, Amber was lean, strong and athletic. She was (and still is) a very talented dancer.

Amber (pre-pregnancy)When she wasn’t in school, the better part of her weeks were spent training in any number of styles of competitive dance. Because of how active she was, Amber had no trouble keeping fat off her body, maintaining a relatively low body fat percentage, and having a flat stomach year-round.

But life has a way of catching us off guard and throwing a few unexpected wrenches our way when we least expect it.

And this is exactly where Amber’s transformation story begins.

As a young adult, Amber was still heavily involved in dance. She was teaching dance a couple of times per week, taking classes of her own, and was also on the cheerleading squad of a local semi-professional football team.

As you can see from the picture on the left, Amber was still lean, trim and highly athletic at this stage in her life.

Then, as many women do at about that time in life, Amber started a family.

Not being one to ever go into something halfhearted, Amber did what my wife and I also did and conceived three children in less than five years.

But that wasn’t all Amber conceived…

Amber (Before)Along with her three beautiful children, Amber also added more than 40 pounds of fat to her formerly trim and athletic physique, resulting in what you see to the right of this text.

As it does with most people, the fat slowly and sneakily crept its way onto Amber’s body, until one day she realized that her body was just a faint reflection of what it had once been.

Amber was unhappy, lacking self confidence in the worst way, stressed, lacking energy and could barely find the motivation to get dressed in the morning.

Amber continued in this state for months until she came across a picture of herself from her cheerleader days just a few years earlier.

This created a spark within Amber and it wasn’t long before she realized it was time to make a change and take back control over her health and fitness.

As Amber described to me back then in not so many words: It was time to lose the fat that was plaguing her body. It was time to get back her pre-pregnancy figure. It was time to once again have a physique that she could be proud of and confident in.

She reached out to me for help and I was elated to have such an opportunity to guide someone I love to make a much-needed positive change in their life.

You might think that since she is my sister I designed Amber some sort of super-duper, double secret, custom training and nutrition plan reserved for only my best and highest paying clients.

If that’s what you’re thinking, you’d be dead wrong. Amber received zero special treatment and I didn’t customize anything for her.

I didn’t need to.

I simply told her to do what I wish everybody who visited this site would do. I told her to sign up on my website to receive a free copy of my Round The Clock Fat Loss ebook.

On that note, I’d like to quickly take this opportunity to indulge in a moment of shameless self-promotion (I don’t think Amber will mind)

My free ebook, Round The Clock Fat Loss, is not full of high level, non-actionable information written solely for the sake of getting somebody to sign up for my newsletters. It is a real deal, full-scale, 100% complete fat loss transformation system.

I can honestly say that it is more straightforward and actionable than any fat loss ebook I have ever paid for – and I offer it completely free.

I won’t belabor the point, but believe me when I tell you that if I think it is good enough for my sister, it’s certainly good enough for anyone who wants to lose all their unwanted body fat and develop a body they can be proud of.

While I could sell this book that I worked long and hard on for a profit, I did not write it with the intent of making money. I wrote it with the sole intention of using it to help as many people as I can lose body fat and live with optimal health.

This is why it is completely free. All you have to do is enter your name and e-mail address in any of the sign-up forms on this site and I will send you a copy of the complete system to your e-mail address right away.

Besides using my instructions in Round The Clock Fat Loss, Amber did send me a few questions pertaining to her personal situation on how to follow the program I lay out within its pages.

By the way, all of my subscribers are provided an exclusive e-mail address that can be used to e-mail me any questions about how to follow my instructions in Round The Clock Fat Loss.

Amber didn’t just read through my book. She took action.

And, because of her taking consistent action, she has one incredible fat loss transformation success story to show for it:

Amber Before and After (12-15-13)

How incredible is that?!? I could not be more proud of my sister for what she has accomplished, which is indeed nothing short of incredible.

As with every dramatic physical transformation, Amber experienced her share of challenges and setbacks that had to be overcome. As is also always the case, the improvements in Amber’s life have extended well beyond being merely physical in nature.

To give you a better look into Amber’s journey, I’d like to close things out with a note she asked me to share with you:

I first started my weight loss journey in September 2012, weighing in at 159 lbs. I was tired of feeling lazy and tired. Let’s be honest. I didn’t feel very pretty, either.

Actually, I was so embarrassed of the way I looked I didn’t want to leave the house! Perhaps even worse, I didn’t want to meet anyone new. That was not me, and that was not how I wanted to live another day, let alone the rest of my life. I was feeling negative towards everything and everyday tasks were difficult for me. It was time for a change.

I called my brother for advice, because I knew if anyone could help me, it would be him… I mean look at him. :­)

After I began taking action on Craig’s advice, I was getting results, but I still faced several challenges that set me back at times. Having the mentality of “it’s going to take sooooooo long to get where I want to be” was a big one. I know now that had I sucked it up, I would have reached my goal much faster, but I knew enough to know that you don’t lose the amount of fat I had to lose overnight.

Another challenge was eating healthy. I just didn’t feel like cooking or cleaning up afterward. Mostly I hated all the dishes and preparing my meals just felt like a hassle. I would fall in and out of eating clean and working out consistently.

This caused me to be stuck with several pounds of fat I still wanted to lose. I went back and forth between doing well and falling back into bad habits until Craig posted his “No Soda November Challenge“.

I knew it was time to start being consistent, so I accepted his challenge. Much to my surprise, getting rid of soda led to me also consistently following my nutrition plan and hitting the gym with greater regularity. I knew it would take more than a 30-day challenge to stay consistent so I did a few things I thought would help me stick to it.

First, I began thinking positively. You’d be surprised how much more you can accomplish with a positive outlook. I made sure to look at pictures of my pre-pregnancy body as a constant reminder of what I was working towards. I would often remind myself of how awful it felt – physically and emotionally – to be carrying around all that extra fat on my body.

Lucky for me, I also have a very supportive group of family and friends who help push me. They keep me motivated, especially when I feel too tired to workout and am tempted to skip out on going to the gym.

I started this journey wanting to lose fat and have a body that didn’t embarrass me. Now I want to maintain this body and healthy lifestyle for the rest of my life. Not just for me, though.

I want my children to know and see how important it is to stay active and eat healthy.

I have surprised myself in so many ways throughout this experience. I never expected to feel so enthusiastic about life. After transforming my body, all the things in my life that used to be annoying or difficult are now much less stressful. Overall, my stress levels have gone WAAAY down – and it shows.

My house is cleaner. I have a more positive attitude. I have more positive, supportive friends. I even stopped my 24-year habit of biting my nails (score!).

The most rewarding part of this whole experience may truly be the opportunities it has given me to motivate and inspire others. I’ve received emails from people saying that I have motivated them and helped them get their lives back on track. There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing/hearing that!

I’ve learned a lot, my life has been vastly improved, and I want to help others reach their goals in any way that I can.

A couple final things…

First and foremost, the work you put in equals the results you receive. Period.

If you aren’t getting the results you desire, you need to work harder and be more consistent. If you do that, the results will come.

Second, you have to weight train! Men don’t usually have this problem, but to the women out there… DO IT!

Lifting is very empowering, will make your body more sexy and I’d even say it’s addictive.

My life has changed so much in the last year and it feels great to finally be proud of myself again. If “Fat Amber” didn’t feel like working out, she wouldn’t. Now I go anyway. And I can honestly say that I have NEVER regretted that decision.

I have also learned that having a setback isn’t the end of the world. It means you have a chance to get back on track, and do it better this time.

I have come a long way, and my journey isn’t over. It will never be over. My love for life and my personal fitness will continue. There is always room for improvement and I will never stop striving to push myself further and to be the best version of me that I can possibly be.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or unsure of yourself, I want you to know that I’ve been where you are. I honestly believe that if I could do this, anybody can – and you can too!

The best advice I can give is to start taking action! There will be setbacks and challenges, but you will learn from them and will be a better person because of them in the long run.

If there’s anything my journey has proven, it’s that anyone who wants to change badly enough will do what it takes and find a way to make it happen. So do what it takes.

You won’t regret it!

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  1. Jeanne Besselman January 2, 2014 at 1:16 am

    Great writing Amber! I am proud of you! I know it isn’t and wasn’t easy but you did it! Now..for me… I am feeling exactly how you did! Seriously! I am changing my ways to get this fat off! Great job kiddo!!!

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