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Excuses, Excuses, Excuses…If It’s Important To You, You’ll Get It Done

Craig Leonard October 23, 2013
Excuses Not To Exercise

Excuses to be fat, out of shape and unhealthy are low hanging fruits that are always available and ripe for the picking. With a little ingenuity you can excuse yourself from doing what it takes to achieve your goals at any given time within a matter of seconds.

But that’s not what winners do.

Winners innovate. We see the challenges that lie in our path and we take the steps necessary to smash through them.

I don’t care what your excuse may be. It’s almost always nothing more than a means of justifying taking the easy way out (with few exceptions).

If something is truly important to you, you’ll be willing to do WHATEVER it takes to achieve it.

Several years ago, I joined a gym that was completely packed during the time I had available to train.

Excuses - Packed GymThis caused me to not be able to get in my full workouts in the time I had available to train and my results suffered. What an easy excuse this would have been to either haphazardly train or to make a clean break with training altogether.

Using this as an excuse to be complacent wasn’t acceptable to me, so I found a solution, albeit an inconvenient one. I made a new time in my day to train. It was a time I had previously been sound asleep.

I made the decision to start waking up 90 minutes earlier in the morning so I could hit the gym before work. It wasn’t easy falling out of bed at around 4:30AM to turn off my alarm.

But it was a sacrifice that was necessary if I was going to continue to train optimally. Most mornings I was tempted to turn off my alarm and retreat back under my warm blanket and doze back off for an hour.

Admittedly, there were a few times I gave in to this temptation. Most mornings, though, I was in the shower, dressed and headed to the gym – with banana and protein shake in hand – by 5:15AM.

There really is no excuse for not getting in at least 30 minutes of physical activity 4 or 5 days each week. If you’re having trouble making time for exercise, this is simply an indication that your priorities need adjusted.

You may have to wake up earlier. You may have to cut out some television. You may even have to invest in a home gym.

Think you can’t afford a home gym? Get a TRX Home Training Suspension Kit. It’s not ideal, but it’ll give you the ability to train your entire body, and you can always build out your gym with more suitable strength training implements from there.

Or spend some time trolling around You may get lucky and find someone looking to off-load their training equipment for dirt cheap (this happens all the time).

Nearly all “reasons” people give for not devoting time to keeping their bodies strong, fit and healthy aren’t reasons at all – they’re excuses. PERIOD.

The fact of the matter is that few things should be given greater priority than maintaining the one and only body we’ve been given. If you’ve been guilty of excusing your unhealthy behaviors and complacency towards exercise, it’s time to put an end to it. Right. Now.

You’re only hurting yourself and I promise you’ll regret it – and probably sooner rather than later.

Suffer the pain of discipline today or you will suffer the pain of regret tomorrow.

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