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Podcast Episode #5: Why You Should Consider Eliminating Milk From Your Diet

Craig Leonard May 24, 2014
Why You Should Consider Eliminating Milk From Your Diet

What you will hear inside this edition of the Craig Leonard Fitness Podcast:

  • The three practices employed by ranchers making our milk supply harmful to our health
  • How to increase your body’s absorption of consumed calcium
  • The several foods that surprisingly contain more calcium per calorie than milk
  • How vitamin D deficiencies will lead to osteoporosis and why milk is not the solution to this problem
  • How regularly drinking milk will compromise your immune system and increase your risk of developing cancer
  • How to meet your calcium requirements while exponentially bolstering your nutrition…without milk
  • What RBGH is, why it is used by America’s ranchers and how it affects the human body
  • How milk actually depletes the amount of calcium that’s already present within your body
  • How milk consumption is directly responsible for the epidemic of disease we see in the world today and what you can do about it
  • A specific component in milk fat that is toxic to human biology and is known by the EPA to cause a number of different cancers
  • Why milk doesn’t “do a body good”
  • Much, much more

Click the “play button” below to listen to Episode #5 of the Craig Leonard Fitness Podcast and learn why you should consider eliminating milk from your diet.

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