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How Eating The Same Meals Every Day Can Lead To Fat Loss Success

Craig Leonard October 1, 2013
Eat The Same Foods To Lose Fat Faster

You would think trying to eat the same foods every day would quickly lead to boredom and be a formula for fat loss disaster. It might be counter-intuitive, but eating mostly the same things every day is actually a great way to keep your diet on point.

Eating the same things every day is simple. Another less obvious benefit is the hours of time it saves you in the kitchen each week by allowing you to cook your foods in bulk.

I like to plan my meals where the majority of my carbs and proteins come from a few main sources. On Sunday evenings I cook up a few pounds of my favorite proteins: grass fed beef and lean chicken breasts.

For carbs, I’ll steam some brown rice and bake a handful of potatoes and yams. Some of my carbs will come from fruits, but those are easy enough to portion and take down quickly on demand.

For fats I usually keep 3 or 4 avocados on hand, cook with coconut oil and will sometimes drizzle olive oil over my proteins, potatoes and rice.

Attention! It’s never a good idea to cook with olive oil. It has a relatively low smoke point, causing it to quickly lose its nutritional value and turn carcinogenic under high heat. Only use olive oil if you add it to your food after cooking or when cooking under low heat. For high-temp cooking, use coconut oil instead. Coconut oil is more stable when heated and has a number of health benefits related to disease prevention as well as fat loss.

Having all of these foods pre-cooked makes preparing healthy meals throughout the week a cinch. I just portion them out as needed, throw them in the microwave and chow down.

And I can always bust out one of my cookbooks to switch things up and prepare something from scratch whenever I feel like something different.

Most physique competitors eat more or less the same thing every day.

They not only do this for the conveniences I’ve already detailed above, but also because eating random and inconsistent foods makes it cumbersome to plan your meals around your macros and nearly impossible to troubleshoot plateaus. When eating the same foods every day, you can simply reduce your portion sizes and still be more or less in line with your desired macronutrient breakdown for each meal.

Also, having a variety of food choices tends to lend itself to overeating (think buffet).

While a consistent, repetitive daily diet is certainly not a requirement to lose fat on a weekly basis, it will drastically reduce the effort that goes into your meal planning and preparation, and make adhering to your calorie and macronutrient requirements that much easier.1

As long as you make it a point to eat several different types of foods throughout the day, you’ll retain enough variety where eating the same meals every day can still be enjoyable, while also improving your fat loss results. References:

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