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Eat Plenty of Fruits and Veggies To Cut Your Risk of Death in Half

Craig Leonard April 30, 2014
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It’s no secret that the vast majority of Americans are horribly deficient in critical phyto-nutrients. But I’ll bet they don’t realize that neglecting to provide their bodies with these vital nutrients can have fatal consequences.

A new study published in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health confirms what should be obvious yet is still ignored by millions, including those who exercise regularly and otherwise appear to be completely healthy.

The study concluded that eating plenty of fresh organic fruits and vegetables daily significantly lowers the risk of death at any age.

According to the study, the more servings of fresh fruit and vegetables you consume, the less likely you are to have the grim reaper pay you a visit.

After analyzing the eating habits of more than 65,000 people residing in England between 2001 and 2013, researchers found that those who ate seven or more portions of fruits and vegetables per day experienced a 42 percent decrease in the risk of death, compared to those who only ate less than one portion per day.

“The risk of death was reduced by 36 percent with five to seven portions, 29 percent with three to five portions, and 14 percent with one to three portions,” reported HealthDay News.

The study’s findings also suggest that eating seven or more portions of fruits and vegetables a day reduced the risk of heart disease by a staggering 31 percent, and the risk of death from cancer by a whopping 25 percent.

With more than 1 in 3 Americans projected to develop cancer at some point in their lives, these are obviously very encouraging numbers, and a form of preventative treatment that should not be dismissed.

It’s important to note, however, that we must be intentional about consuming mostly organic produce, rather than conventional fruits and vegetables, because ingesting harmful pesticides will obviously at least partially negate the benefits of providing your body with these potent vitamins, minerals and phyto-nutrients.

How to Guarantee Your Body is Receiving Sufficient Nutrition From Plant-Based Nutrients

All of this is great, but I have to be honest and tell you that eating 7+ servings of fruits and vegetables per day can be quite a challenge. My typical diet includes about 5 servings, depending on what counts as a serving size.

An avocado, apple, banana and a large salad containing black olives comprises my usual fruit and vegetable intake for a given day (Although, sometimes I’ll have a potato or sweet potato with dinner. And I occasionally snack on carrots).

So, just to be sure that my body isn’t deficient in any of the plant-based nutrition it needs to function optimally, I also supplement with Athletic Greens.

Athletic Greens is a whole food supplement that contains all the vitamins, minerals and phyto-nutrients the body needs which would be virtually impossible to receive through diet alone.

And, if this study is any indication, supplementing with Athletic Greens alone could cut your risk of death almost in half (or more).

In fact, the conclusions of this study provide a poignant reminder of just how important fruits and vegetables truly are to our body’s ability to thrive and remain disease-free. They are packed with vital nutrients that they (and they alone) are uniquely capable of providing.

Neglecting them would be a grave mistake.


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