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Do You Need a Multivitamin Supplement?

Craig Leonard December 17, 2013
Do You Need A Multivitamin Supplement

Do you need a multivitamin supplement?

Probably not.

That said, my recommendation is that you should still use one (or supplement with something else that fulfills the same purpose). Here’s why…

I view multivitamins like I view car insurance policies. They aren’t necessary most of the time as long as you’re eating clean and are not nutrient deficient.

However, nutrient deficiencies are all but impossible for the average person to detect without a visit to their doctor and often do not get diagnosed until their symptoms are significant and maybe even irreversible.

In other words, not using a multivitamin supplement isn’t a big deal until it’s a big deal.

My opinion is that, like having car insurance, it’s better to use a multivitamin supplement and not need it than to need it and not use it. Plus, multivitamin supplements are cheap enough that cost considerations are generally a non-issue.

In case you’re wondering, I personally do not use a multivitamin supplement (probably not what you’d expect to hear after I just made the point about it being better to use it and not need it).

There’s a reason for this…

Since I supplement with Athletic Greens, my nutrient bases are covered and a multivitamin supplement would be overkill.

Granted, Athletic Greens is pricier than most multivitamins, but it’s made from ONLY whole food ingredients and also serves as a probiotic supplement, which is a HUGE benefit.

Many doctors are now considering a probiotic to be the most important supplement a person can take. Our gut flora is inextricably linked to a number of crucial markers of health, immune system strength, mental acuity, vitality and longevity.1

I would be remiss not to also point out that since I started supplementing with Athletic Greens over 15 months ago I haven’t been sick once. During this time my wife and 3 kids have gone through stomach flus, sinus infections, strep throat and pink eye (among others).

It’s been a rough year in the Leonard house for everyone but me (and, believe me, that’s putting it lightly).

Needless to say, we will be upping our Athletic Greens order next month so my wife can start using it, as well. It also definitely doesn’t hurt that my diet is generally cleaner than theirs.

Don’t worry. I’m working on getting their diets dialed in. With a wife who’s stubborn like me, and 3 picky-eating-kids all under the age of 5, these things take time. 😉

While you may not need a multivitamin supplement, I believe it is negligent to not make sure your nutritional needs are covered one way or another.

A multivitamin supplement is certainly better than nothing, but Athletic Greens is a much better option due to it’s nutrients being sourced from natural, whole foods, while also containing a healthy dose of probiotics per serving.

Do you need a multivitamin supplement?

Probably not. But that doesn’t mean a little nutritional insurance won’t make a difference, because my past 15 months of using Athletic Greens – my multivitamin on “steroids” – is living proof that it will.

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  1. Danielle Spath February 16, 2014 at 9:25 am

    Hey Craig, I was just checking out your website and randomly chose to read this article first. I have never heard of Athletic Greens before and I’m curious to know more about it. Is it a whole food supplement? I read a lot of nutrition research, and more and more studies keep coming out that point to synthetic multivitamins actually being detrimental to health! Yikes! Who would’ve seen that coming. But it is because the “vitamin” that is used in a synthetic multivitamin is not the whole vitamin complex like which is found in food (I can explain in more detail of you are interested). So anyway, send me a link or something where I can read more about what Athletic Greens is!

  2. Danielle Spath February 16, 2014 at 9:29 am

    Ha, I just realized you had links to the product on your page. It like that it is a whole food supplement. Definitely an important distinction! And being a powder that you can drink in a smoothie or add to water I’m assuming, probably makes it easy to digest and absorb. Nice!

    • Craig Leonard February 16, 2014 at 4:17 pm

      Yes, synthetic multivitamin supplements – and all other synthetic supplements – should absolutely be avoided. Your research is consistent with what I have concluded on the topic, as well. Synthetic multivitamins are not only likely to be dangerous to our health (big surprise!), but it appears that they also offer little or no immediate nutritional benefit. As I’m sure you’ll agree, I can think of a million better ways to invest my hard-earned money. 🙂

      You probably just skimmed past it, but I made sure to mention Athletic Greens as being made from whole food ingredients. As you noted, this is most definitely a crucial distinction that makes a world of difference (which is why it was emphasized in bold text).

      I like to throw my Athletic Greens powder in with my protein powder and combine it into a single shake (mostly because I like the efficiency of not having to take down two separate drinks). That said, you can just mix it with water if you want. The flavor isn’t at all repulsive as the word “greens” might inherently suggest. So I don’t think you’d have any trouble simply mixing it with water. If you have any other questions about Athletic Greens, shoot me a reply as I’m happy to help!

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