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DANGEROUS Justifications People Give For Being Fat And Unhealthy

Craig Leonard September 21, 2013
Dangerous Justifications For Being Fat and Unhealthy

One of my favorite Christian radio hosts, Hank Hanegraaff, often invokes the phrase, “Ideas have consequences.” This is usually used in the context of Hank aptly pointing out that one’s worldview will ultimately serve as a reference for how they choose to live and behave.

Ideas do indeed have consequences. The implications of this principle extend beyond the spiritual realm and can have a significant impact on our physical well-being, as well.

It is an often overlooked paradigm, but before the body can be improved, the mind must first be overcome. Every quality personal trainer on the planet recognizes and addresses this fact.

The unjustified beliefs people carry pertaining to their health and fitness are beyond counting. I don’t intend to go into a lengthy diatribe discussing each and every faulty thought process I’ve encountered over the years. But here are a few common ones that make me wish I could Jedi mind trick those that espouse them back into reality…

“I eat better than (pick the most unhealthy person you know and put their name here)”

Comparing yourself to others is a cardinal sin in the fitness world. There will always be someone fatter, weaker, sicker or slower than you to be there to lend any justification you might need for your less than desirable condition(s).

You may eat better than “so and so”, but you’re still fat, weak, slow and sick, even if it is to a slightly lesser degree than they are.

Besides, you are you and they are not. Jim Bob may be able to eat a whole stuffed crust pepperoni pizza and still maintain a healthy weight and blood pressure level. Meanwhile, your body’s ability to tolerate carbs is not as efficient and you have to work hard to keep your cardiovascular health in check.

So, comparing yourself to Jim Bob, and using his less than healthy eating habits to justify following a similar diet for yourself, will prove to be disastrous (or even fatal) for you.

Stop comparing yourself to others, using them as justification for your actions. Do what YOU have to do to have the life you desire for yourself and stop using the shortcomings of others to justify your own.

“It runs in my family”

Ah, the genetic predisposition excuse. Almost everyone on your side of the family has fat bellies, heart disease, cellulite, huge appetites, diabetes and a third hand outgrowth, so that must be the fate that you’re indelibly resigned to, right?

The third hand outgrowth notwithstanding, did it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe, your family members have developed similar conditions because they’ve all been engaging in the same unhealthy behaviors and ignoring the importance of consistent physical activity for most of their lives?

While the medical community is unified in the belief that genetics are a factor, I don’t know of a single reputable medical professional claiming that genetic propensities for conditions like these are a seal of our fate.

In fact, even the possibility of having genetics that might promote these or any other diseases ought to make you that much more motivated to do everything in your power to prevent them, not excuse your behaviors under the justification that you’re going to eventually develop them anyway.

My family has a history of heart disease. It should also be noted that those in my family that developed heart disease drank alcohol excessively, smoked, didn’t exercise regularly or fed their body poorly. Regardless of the cause, I can guaran-damn-tee you that their having developed this condition will not be an excuse for me to be complacent and resign myself to a similar fate.

Not a chance! I will use this as a means of inspiration to do what I have to do to take control of my health and keep it that way for as long as I am given on this earth.

“I take medication for that”

Stop Popping Pills

“The average American fills 12 prescriptions each year.” – CNN

Let me say this loud and clear…

Most medications are designed, not to cure your problem, but to suppress its symptoms.

The billions of dollars in revenue funneling through the pharmaceutical industry on a yearly basis is a testament to this fact.

Blood pressure medication, for example, is not designed to cure your diagnosis. It is merely designed to temporarily mitigate its immediate potential to harm you in the form of a heart attack.

And as long as people are dependent on medication that does nothing to cure their ailments, the money continues to line the pockets of those producing and pushing these drugs to market.

If you have a potentially debilitating disease or physical condition, your goal should NEVER be to shovel pills into your mouth that only suppress your symptoms. Not only do most drugs do nothing to cure your condition, but most also contain chemicals that research indicates may cause a number of other health problems for you down the road, by the way.

The average person pumps these harmful chemicals into their bodies by the pound every year. And we wonder why cancer, autism and ADD are on the rise while a myriad of other diseases continue to run rampant in our society!

Your goal should be to find out the root of your problem and get it corrected.

Attention! This is by no means a call to immediately abandon taking your blood pressure medications that are keeping you from having a heart attack.

I’m saying that you ought to pursue a course of action that will correct your blood pressure (or any other problem), allowing you to slowly scale back your use of medication at your doctor’s discretion, until it is no longer necessary.

And, if you have a doctor who doesn’t share your vision to eliminate the need to ingest prescription medications, you may want to consider finding a new doctor who shares your sentiments.

Symptom-suppressing medications should never viewed as an acceptable substitute for curing a condition that properly feeding and regularly moving your body can correct.

These are just a few of the dangerous ideas people espouse concerning their health and level of fitness, or lack thereof.

What are some dangerous justifications you’ve heard people give for living fat, sick and/or unhealthy? Share your comments with me below.

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