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Craig Leonard Fitness in 2015: A Peek Into The Future

Craig Leonard January 2, 2015
Craig Leonard Fitness 2015

As you might have heard, we rang in the new year yesterday. In doing so, countless millions upon millions will be resolving to hone their efforts towards improving their lives in some way that’s important to them over the next year.

Most such resolutions end as dismal failures and we all know that fitness related resolutions take the cake as the most popular resolutions men and women make each and every year at this time.

This year, I have personally chosen not to use the new year as an occasion for resolving. Instead, I’ve used it as an occasion for reflection, specifically as it pertains to Craig Leonard Fitness.

Over the past several months I’ve been asking myself what it is that Craig Leonard Fitness stands for. What was perhaps most perturbing to me about this question was my realization that if someone were to ask what sets Craig Leonard Fitness apart from the myriad of other fitness sites, I wasn’t sure exactly how I would respond.

And that was a big problem for me.

I started this site because I believed, as I still do, that I have unique experiences and perspectives, along with an application-based coaching style that would lend itself to making a positive impact on the health and fitness of anyone and everyone who would land on

So instead of making a resolution for 2015, I spent the week leading into the New Year intensely reflecting on what I believe to be the core philosophies of Craig Leonard Fitness, philosophies that will serve as a mission statement of sorts, which will guide all decisions related to this site and any other fitness related projects I take on in the future.

These philosophies will guide the direction of Craig Leonard Fitness from this day forward. Coach Amber and I, along with any other fitness professionals who will ever produce content for this site, will each be held accountable by these philosophies which will govern all aspects of Craig Leonard Fitness.

Some of the core philosophies Coach Amber and I have come up with are those that regular readers of this site will already be familiar with. Others will be completely new or will represent themes that exist on, but may not be so obvious.

This truly is an exciting time for this site.

Coach Amber and I have plans to take the motivation and instruction we provide you to a whole new level over the next several months. It may be a little different than what you’re used to, but I promise it will be better, and we will be connecting with you via new content on a much more regular basis.

Now that you know a little bit about what the future holds for Craig Leonard Fitness, God willing, you might be curious about what exactly the Craig Leonard Fitness philosophies are. Well, in teaser fashion, I will wrap this communication up by telling you that I’ll be working on a posting that will lay it all out for you, and I expect to have it posted in the next day or two.

I will list each of the core philosophies that will govern Craig Leonard Fitness from this day forward and explain how each of them will impact you as a faithful follower of this site. This really is a game changer and 2015 is going to be a year in which we will together have a tremendous impact on the health and fitness of those around us – and especially those we love and care about.

I’m looking forward to sharing this exciting vision with you in the near future. God bless!

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