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Brendan Uses Ripped Out to Go From Scrawny to Jacked

Craig Leonard July 24, 2014
Brendan Before and After - Featured

Today’s Ripped Out success story resonates strongly with me because it reminds me of a time in my teens when I picked up my first barbell in an attempt to build a better body.

As a child, and all the way through high school, I was as skinny as skinny can get. People made jokes about me having to run around in the shower just to get wet – and they weren’t that far off.

To give you an idea, my freshman year of high school I was 6′ tall and tilting the scale at a laughable 135 pounds.

This would have been great in another world. You know, a world where looking like a string bean were irresistible to upper class cheerleaders. Or a world where muscle mass was completely unrelated to athleticism.

But that’s not the world we live in.

Girls are attracted to guys with muscle, guys who are strong. And being weak is a detriment to one’s athleticism as it pertains to pretty much any sport you can think of.

It’s not that I had nothing going for me. I was nerdy smart. I could run faster than most of my peers. And I have always had stellar hand-eye coordination. But these attributes only get you so far.

So I took up weight training and made it a point to shovel food down my esophagus at every opportunity. This worked okay for a few years until my second year of college when my courses became extremely demanding of my time, which led to me abandoning training, while maintaining my same excessive and unhealthy eating habits.

As it turns out, not exercising and eating loads of processed junk is the perfect plan for packing on massive amounts of body fat in no time. Who knew, right?

It took accumulating more than 60 pounds of fat on my body in 3 years time before I finally figured this out. I admit that I got pretty down on myself about what I had done to my body, but it turned out to be a huge blessing.

Without experiencing the challenges of having to lose 60+ pounds of fat, I wouldn’t have the knowledge and passion I have for inspiring others to live fit and healthy today.

But this posting isn’t supposed to be about me…

It’s about a young man named Brendan (who happens to be my brother-in-law)

While he’s never looked as skinny and lanky as I did growing up, Brendan has always had a body that could only be described as “scrawny”. He dabbled in resistance training growing up, but never took it seriously enough to commit to the consistency and planning required to make a real difference.

Before heading into his senior year of high school, however, things changed. Brendan decided it was time to stop being the skinny kid and start working on building a strong and muscular physique as fast as possible.

I must admit that when Brendan first approached me about helping him with this goal I was half convinced that it’d be a waste of my time and effort. I know Brendan well enough to know that he has a propensity for being impatient.

Impatient clients are one of the hardest bunches to work with and they inherently have a very slim chance of success. They’re constantly questioning themselves and wondering whether there’s something else they could or should be doing to get results even faster.

They never really trust what they’re doing, so it’s only a matter of time before they jump ship for the next big thing that crosses their computer monitor or television screen. They never commit to anything long enough to make a difference, causing their “shiny object syndrome” to predictably perpetuate itself, ultimately leading to their own failure and disappointment.

He may not have realized this, but this is why whenever Brendan would ask me a question I was always sure to reiterate that he needed to trust the plan and stay committed.

Much to my surprise, he listened.

He has followed my instructions for more than a year now – and his results have been nothing short of incredible.

His training has consisted of two 6-month programs. The first 6 months were spent following the Ripped Out training plan. His second 6 months were spent following the “2nd phase” training plan that is part of my Ripped Out Fast Track Results Newsletter, which is offered as an add-on to everyone who purchases Ripped Out.

Nutritionally, though, Brendan’s program required a little tweaking…

You see, the personalized nutrition instructions I’ve provided in Ripped Out were written primarily for those seeking to lose fat and build muscle simultaneously (despite what you may have heard, this is possible).

But Brendan didn’t need to lose any fat. Gaining muscle and strength was his sole purpose.

So I modified Brendan’s nutrition plan around this goal.

This would eventually open my eyes to the fact that others who purchase Ripped Out may have similar aspirations. So I have since updated Ripped Out with instructions on how to modify the dietary portion of the program to match the muscle building modifications I explained to Brendan.

Now anyone who wants to use Ripped Out to focus exclusively on packing on lean muscle mass can do just that. In other words, Ripped Out is now the ideal program for any fat loss and/or muscle building goal.

That’s enough self-promotion for now. Let’s get back to Brendan’s transformation, shall we?

Brendan put in the work. He remained committed. He didn’t question the program. And his results prove it.

Brendan packed on more than 15 pounds of lean muscle mass – in just 12 months time – for one of the most dramatic, natural, one-year muscle gaining transformations you’ll ever see:

Brendan Before & After (Scrawny to Jacked)

Lest you get the impression that Brendan had some sort of VIP treatment because he’s my brother-in-law, I want you to know that he wasn’t given any more access to asking me questions than anyone else using Ripped Out.

I make myself personally available to answer the questions of every man and woman that places their trust in me and my system. Brendan lives 90 miles away and I only see him a handful of times per year.

The only difference is that Brendan could text me, while everyone else following Ripped Out has to use email. That’s it.

Brendan’s Photos Don’t Even Tell The Full Story…

The above photos do a great job of showing off the impressive amount of muscle Brendan packed onto his formerly scrawny frame. But they don’t give you an appreciation for how much additional strength he now possesses, which is equally impressive.

For that, I will let Brendan break it down for you:

When I started Ripped Out, I was the definition of a twig, standing at an even 6’ tall, and weighing in at a mere 163 lbs.

After just over a year of using Ripped Out I have jumped to 178 lbs. I am also in much better shape and am more athletic than before.

And it didn’t take long before the amount of weight I was able to move jumped, especially in the main lifts such as bench press, squat, and deadlift.

I started out bench pressing 95 lbs for sets, and now bench 205 lbs for sets. I started out squatting 135 for sets and now squat 225 for sets.

My dead lift has also improved dramatically. Starting out, I was dead lifting 185 lbs for sets. Now I’m pulling 285.

Not only has the weight I’m capable of lifting improved, but my form has improved as well. If Craig has taught me anything, it’s that maintaining proper form with a manageable weight is much more beneficial in the long run than lifting heavier weights with crappy form and risking getting injured.

When you have a trainer like Craig available to answer questions, and a program that lays a solid foundation, all you have to do is stay dedicated and the results will come. But I’ve also learned that dedicating myself to training and nutrition has done more than just build me a stronger, more athletic, better looking body. It has also served to build character.

My self confidence has never been higher and I feel like I can accomplish anything I set my mind on accomplishing. There’s nothing better than that!

It wasn’t easy and I definitely had to leave my comfort zone at times. Still, it has all been worth it.

I’m extremely proud of the transformation I’ve experienced with Craig’s help and I can’t wait to see myself after another year of Ripped Out under my belt.

A Few Final Comments From Craig

What Brendan has accomplished is absolutely incredible and I couldn’t be more proud of him. Ripped Out is powerful, but it’s not easy.

As anything else worth attaining in life, it takes hard work and dedication.

Dramatic physical transformations require a true commitment to improving one’s body, regardless of the plan being used.  As is obvious, Brendan has displayed an utmost commitment to training his body and feeding it for results, even when other things in life have gotten in his way.

During the past year Brendan has dealt with two bouts with tendonitis in his elbow and has struggled to find time to train because of his studies and high school sport commitments.

But he made his physique goals a priority. He found the time to train and plan his meals, even when it would have been real easy to justify putting off doing so.

When reflecting on Brendan’s dramatic change over the past year, I can’t help but think about what I would give to go back to being 16 with the knowledge I have now. I can’t tell you how much time and money I wasted on ineffective training plans, supplements and nutrition instructions.

It makes me frustrated to even think about it. But I take solace in knowing that I am now blessed with the opportunity to pay it forward and help others avoid making the same mistakes by providing an effective solution that will positively impact them for as long as they live.

As a coach and trainer, there’s nothing more satisfying than that. It’s a blessing to be able to work with those who, like Brendan, Wendy, and new Craig Leonard Fitness Coach, Amber DeLeal, have trusted me to coach them in the pursuit of achieving their goals and improving their lives.

I hope you will join me in congratulating Brendan on one amazing transformation by leaving him a comment below.

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