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Craig LeonardIf you’re on this page, I assume you’re here for one, or both, of the following two reasons:

    1. You’d like to know a little more about this Craig Leonard guy who, seemingly, enjoys displaying pictures of himself shirtless and advising others on how to live leaner, stronger, healthier and better lives


  1. You realize online fitness bloggers are a dime-a-dozen and want to know why I deserve your time and attention

I’ll get to why I deserve your attention in just a moment. But, first, let me explain something about myself that may surprise you…

Posing shirtless and displaying muscle pics of myself online is not something I particularly enjoy.

I can’t pinpoint the reason, but since losing more than sixty pounds of fat and getting ripped, whenever I take my shirt off I feel like others get the impression that I’m showing off. Maybe I am on some level. I don’t know.

Either way, that’s not the impression I prefer to give (even if it’s only in my head). This is why I rarely take my shirt off in public and is partly responsible for my abhorrent feelings toward swimming. The other part has to do with the fact that I can’t stand the feeling of having pruned skin.

Even though I don’t particularly care to put my physique on display for the world to see, I occasionally do so because I feel that it’s imperative in order to address the second question above…

Why should you listen to me?

Because I know what I’m talking about and I’ve gotten the results to back that claim up!

Other than a brief hiatus from training for a few years during college, which led to my gaining a significant amount of body fat (and my subsequent struggle with obesity), furthering my knowledge of training and feeding the body to make it leaner, stronger, healthier and better has been a passion of mine since I picked up my first barbell nearly two decades ago at the age of 13.

I’m immersed in this stuff 365 days a year. So, writing about nutrition, training, living healthy and improving the body comes about as natural to me as breathing.

And still, today, nearly twenty years after I first became interested in training and nutrition, there’s no other way I’d rather spend my time than learning about how to make the body grow stronger, leaner, faster and healthier.

Since you’re reading this, I can assume you’re looking for a source you can trust. After all, I’m sure you have things you’d much rather be doing than scouring through dozens of books, articles, websites, research papers and interviews, like I do, to figure it all out and stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest information on building a better body – inside and out.

What you need is a trusted source you can turn to that will provide you with common sense coaching that is committed to that which matters most:

Actionable advice that produces real-world results

That’s why exists.

It is my way to take the knowledge and experience the good Lord has blessed me with and disseminate it in such a way that it can also bless others. And everything I produce overflows from this one central purpose.

If you’re struggling, trust me when I say that I’ve been there. I didn’t have a fitness coach I could trust and had to learn the hard way, through trial and error, and tons of mistakes and frustrating failures.

All of my failures notwithstanding, over the years I’ve gained a ton of knowledge that has changed my life and it will change yours, as well. My goal is to help as many people as I can to avoid making the same mistakes I made along the way and not waste years of their lives (like I did) trying to sift through the contradicting information that abounds in this industry.

Again, I understand you have plenty of other sites you could have chosen to read and I couldn’t be more appreciative, humbled and honored that you’ve chosen to follow mine.

You have my word that as long as you keep coming back I will continue to do my best to provide you with fresh, high quality, cutting edge content and will remain dedicated to helping you achieve your goals in any and every way I can.

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