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30 Day Challenges Introduction

Craig Leonard September 13, 2013
30 Day Challenge - Sept 2013

One gaping hole in the lives of most men and women who need a physical or lifestyle transformation is accountability. The only one holding them accountable is themselves, which doesn’t tend to be as motivating as you might think.

I’m no different. Admittedly, I tend to do better than most at taking consistent action towards achieving my goals without having others holding me accountable. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t benefit from a community of like-minded men and women holding me accountable as we strive to improve ourselves together.

I am constantly challenging myself to get better in a number of areas in my life, be it physically, mentally, financially, or spiritually. Not too long ago, I started creating 30-day challenges for myself that have been the genesis of several healthy habits that have endured for long after the challenges have ended.

Every month I’ll be publishing a new 30 day challenge on this site that I’ll be committing to… And I’ll ask you to join me.

Many of the challenges will be fitness related. However, their purpose is to mold and shape us into better versions of ourselves.

Our lives are not solely physical. We have mental and spiritual elements of our being that must also be nurtured and my monthly challenges will take these areas into consideration on occasion.

Regardless of the challenge being issued, we will encourage each other, hold each other accountable, share in our journey and strive for continuous personal improvement together.

Attention! The challenges will not be easy. They are designed to stretch the limits of what I have previously believed myself to be capable of and I’m sure most of them will be a stretch for you, as well.

As I’ve found, though, stretching yourself will teach you things about yourself you would have otherwise been unable to grasp. Throughout our journey together month after month you’ll realize the limitations you’ve been unknowingly placing on yourself and discover that you’re capable of so much more than you previously thought possible.

So I encourage you to take action and join me as I challenge myself to constantly get better – 30 days at a time.

Stay tuned for the first 30 day challenge for the month of October 2013, which I’ll be posting during the final week of this month.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I will be sending out weekly emails containing exclusive insights, tips, and timely motivational messages as we go through each monthly challenge together. I will also announce the posting of new challenges via email. So be sure to subscribe to receive my emails using any of the signup forms conveniently located on this site. (Hint: Scroll Down)

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